China City-Business Collaboration Accelerator (CiBiX) Workshop

This workshop will accelerate public-private collaboration around waste reduction, management, and reuse in Chengdu.

date & time
28 May 2024, 12:00PM UTC
Chengdu, China

The objective of the CiBiX Workshops is to increase mutual understanding between the public and private sector of urban sustainability opportunities and needs through targeted and personalized support offered by UrbanShift and ICLEI.

The main challenge identified for Chengdu is the continuous increase in urban domestic waste and industrial wastewater discharges, alongside the growing environmental pressure. This has necessitated the need for continuous improvement in waste treatment and recycling systems. Chengdu's ambition by 2030 is to implement a solid waste management system that not only addresses the increasing volumes of urban and industrial waste but also significantly incorporates waste treatment and recycling practices into the building and construction industry. This initiative is inspired by the principles of circular development and aims to establish sustainable construction practices that minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.