a group of people walking through a car free, tree-lined street in kigali

Annual Report 2022-2023

In its second full year of implementation, UrbanShift scaled up its capacity-building events and continued supporting the 23 cities within the network and beyond to develop integrated plans for sustainable development.

The UrbanShift Asia Forum in New Delhi. Sharing the online City Academy courses with the world. The launch of Freetown’s Climate Action Strategy. Three in-person City Academies, four Finance Academies, three Peer-to-Peer Exchanges. And so much more. For UrbanShift, the past year has been activity-filled and transformative. Shifting the path of urban development toward greater sustainability, equity and integration takes time and concerted, coordinated effort. UrbanShift is proud to be a partner for the 23 cities in our network as they work toward this transition. Our latest Annual Report documents the full scope of our work over the past year, and the immense progress cities have made in laying the foundation for transformative change. 

The UrbanShift 2022-2023 Annual Report picks up where our inaugural report left off last year, and offers a complete look at what our program has accomplished in the past year—and where we’re heading as we move into the second half of the initiative. We encourage you to read the report in full, and explore key highlights below. 

Following this eventful year, we are more optimistic than ever about the potential of cities to become the sustainable, equitable and livable places we and the planet need to thrive. We look forward to more activity and progress in 2024!