How sustainability indicators can drive better decision-making

In this webinar, we hear from national and local-level practitioners in Argentina and Brazil about their experience creating indicators and utilizing diagnostic tools to drive more sustainable urban development.

date & time
09 Dec 2021, 10:00AM UTC
hosted by
World Resources Institute

Speakers at the UrbanShift Latin America webinar, hosted by WRI

Cities can play an instrumental role in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals and the GHG reduction targets laid out in the Paris Agreement. Yet many national policies and NDCs are missing the opportunity to harness urban sustainability as part of their efforts to reach their own climate and sustainability targets.

Argentina and Brazil have recently launched diagnostic tools to help cities assess their own sustainability, establish baselines, improve decision-making, and track progress. Join us for the third installment of the UrbanShift webinar series to hear firsthand from national and local-level practitioners in Argentina and Brazil about their experience working to create indicators and utilize diagnostic tools to drive better, more sustainable urban development.


  • Florencia Mitchel, National Director of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MayDS), Argentina
  • Lucía Newkirk, Sustainable Cities Technical Specialist, MayDS, Argentina
  • Stella Clerici, Mayor, City of Cañada de Gómez, Argentina
  • Gabriela Sabbatini, Ecoclub Coordinator, City of Cañada de Gómez, Argentina
  • Clarice Meyer, Indicators Coordinator, Sustainable Cities Program, Brazil
  • Luize Ferraro, Project Director, Sub-Secretariat of Sustainability, City of Niterói, Brazil

This webinar is offered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Please contact Bruno Incau for more information and follow UrbanShift on Twitter.