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Recomendações práticas para cidades brasileiras

This guide helps city managers find funding for adaptation projects. It offers practical recommendations throughout the project cycle, emphasizing collaboration and integration between departments.

Climate change is imposing growing risks on people and urban assets due to the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, landslides and heat waves. The rapid expansion of Brazilian urban areas contrasts with the limitations of cities to deal with the consequences of climate change, creating challenges that require Brazilian municipalities to develop their adaptive capacity and resilience.Municipalities that need to prepare to face climate issues by developing adaptation projects often face difficulties in allocating and raising funds. On the one hand, municipalities are looking for resources to make relevant projects feasible in their contexts, while on the other hand, financiers are looking for quality projects that adhere to the established requirements in order to direct the flow of capital and make a positive impact on the territory feasible. However, the journey to obtaining funding for climate adaptation projects is still challenging for the vast majority of Brazilian municipalities.

To help in this process, the Guide presents "From climate adaptation project to financing: Practical recommendations for Brazilian cities", with a focus on supporting municipal managers and technicians to overcome the main barriers to raising funds and financing, based on practical reflections shared by experts in the area of financing and preparing local climate adaptation projects. In practical terms, this document aims to: 

  • Facilitate access to practical knowledge for public managers and municipal technicians
  • Facilitate decision-making
  • Offer practical recommendations on internal and external public funding.