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Zero Budgeting Model to Mitigate Climate Change

This report establishes that Zero Budgeting (ZB) is a challenging approach to budgeting, but it can be a powerful tool for helping cities to achieve their climate goals.


This report provides a guide on how to implement Zero Budgeting (ZB) in local governments. The report includes case studies of cities that have successfully implemented ZB. It highlights that ZB is a budgeting approach that focuses on reducing spending on climate-harming activities and investing in climate-friendly activities. The report identifies that ZB can help local governments to achieve their climate targets by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and increasing their resilience to climate change. The report highlights that ZB is a transparent and participatory approach that can help to build public support for climate action. It concludes that ZB is a relatively new approach, but it has been shown to be effective in a number of cities around the world.