Public-Private Collaboration to Accelerate Sustainable Urban Development: A Guide for Global South Cities

This guide draws on a set of thirty Global South city case studies and illustrates five models of public-private collaboration and the tactics needed to successfully implement these models.


The Guide

This informative, engaging and easy-to-read guide is designed for Global South cities to better understand how to collaborate with the private sector on urban sustainability issues. The guide draws on a set of case studies from 30 cities in the Global South where innovative collaboration is taking place between cities and businesses to drive sustainable urban development. 

These city case studies help illustrate a set of five models of collaboration and the tactics needed to best use these models. The scope is intentionally broad, in order to fully capture the breadth of opportunities and complexities of public-private engagement in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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The 5 models are: 

  •  Non-Commercial Convening 
  •  Enabling Innovation 
  •  Market-Shaping Policy and Regulation
  •  Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  •  Business-Focused International Partnerships

Rather than a blueprint, this guide seeks to provide ideas, inspiration, and tools for city officials in the Global South to explore different ways of collaborating. We invite you to explore, test, and share your experience so that this repository of practical examples of collaboration grows as we work together towards a better future for people and planet.

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The Case Studies

Below are 30 case studies from Global South cities, where public-private collaboration is driving sustainable urban development.