the cover of the 2022-2023 urbanshift annual report

UrbanShift Annual Report 2022-2023

Explore the broad range of activities and resources that UrbanShift produced in the second full year of the program in this Annual Report.


In the second full year of the program, UrbanShift scaled up its two-pillar approach to advancing integrated urban planning approaches through on-the-ground engagement with cities and capacity-strengthening across the sector, built around 
eight essential focus areas that collectively reflect best practices for creating sustainable, equitable and livable cities. 

Spanning around 30 events that reached over 2,300 people and the launch of essential resources like the Online City Academy, the Geospatial Indicators Dashboard and the Guide to Public-Private Collaboration in the Global South, 2022-2023 was a momentous year for UrbanShift. This second Annual Report dives into progress made on the ground in the 23 cities wihtin the UrbanShift network and highlights standout moments from UrbanShift's Global Platform activities. 

We encourage you to explore highlights from the report here, and to download and read the report in full.