Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo addresses the audience at the Paris International Forum to End Plastic Pollution in Cities

Advocacy & Engagement

Through its presence at high-profile international platforms, UrbanShift advances the importance of urban sustainability on the global climate agenda, and works to ensure that key themes like nature-based solutions and circular economy are prioritized.

UrbanShift’s advocacy effort aims to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities on the path to sustainable cities through international platforms like Climate Week NYC, the UN Climate Change Conference and the World Urban Forum. In collaboration with the PEG, the program prioritizes the urban sustainability agenda at these platforms and provides a space for city and national stakeholders to share their experiences with a global audience. Through the advocacy effort, UrbanShift contributes to key regional and global processes, such as the Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). It also works to highlight the importance of the program’s core themes, including multi-level governance, local climate action and nature-based solutions.