representatives from sierra leone visit medellin's cable car network

Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

These events bring representatives from UrbanShift cities to peer cities around the world to gain firsthand knowledge of approaches to sustainable urban development, and gather insights and ideas to implement in their own cities.

UrbanShift Peer-to-Peer Exchanges bring representatives from UrbanShift cities to non-UrbanShift cities to learn about innovative integrated urban development solutions in practice. Each exchange focuses on a particular topic of interest, proposed by the participating UrbanShift city. Through site visits, presentations, and in-depth trainings and discussions, the host city shares its experience and approach, and demonstrates to the UrbanShift city how similar solutions could be implemented in their own context. The Peer-to-Peer Exchange model exemplifies UrbanShift's collaborative approach and emphasis on the importance of knowledge sharing.